Crypto Currency: An Alternative Investment

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech are
the best investment opportunities today.
Blockchain and digital assets are not only
changing how payments are being made
and received globally but are also redefining
many other businesses including document
repositories, insurance, trading and finance.

Crypto space has been improved drastically in
2019 with new players.

  • Libra: Facebook has revealed plans for a new
    global digital currency backed by assets and
    supported by more than 20 companies from Visa
    to Lyft to bring the heft of the worlds largest
    social network to efforts to transform financial
  • Bakkt announced that it will launch its bitcoin
    futures trading and custody service in Sep 2019.
    This will bring a higher rate of institutional
    investors to adopt Bitcoin.
  • According to Coinbase (US based crypto
    custodian/exchange company), their institutional
    customers are buying 200-400M USD worth of
    crypto assets per week.

The biggest issue with crypto adoption in 2018 was the lack of infrastructure to stop global investors purchasing and holding crypto assets as this was considered a new wave of technology, and price fluctuation. At this moment, legal frameworks and infrastructures are getting ready not only for
institutional investors but also for individual investors to bring back daily momentary transactions. We, Revollet and a group of companies, offer the solution for both individual and institutional investors to buy, sell, hold and even use it in daily
life. Let’s use real examples to showcase our services.

1: New to crypto currency and the first time to buy. We provide an easy way to buy and hold crypto assets. The assets are held in regulated custodians and the buying and selling of these assets are provided by regulated institutions.
2: Hold crypto currency but don’t know where to spend. We provide easy way to covert your crypto to bank transfer or spend directly using a prepaid debit card.

3: Multiple equity investment in fintech and blockchain companies. We also help identify fintech and blockchain companies for equities. They can range from regulated businesses to exchanges or decentralised protocols.

4: Asset back token to store the value. For centuries, gold has been a great option for store of value and hedging against inflation and market volatility. However, carrying it around,
validating ownership and even physical trading with counter-parties is very challenging and the industry is still operating in a very analogue way. We have came up with unique and attractive solutions to invest in gold, and hold and spend it.
The first opportunity is profit gain from gold mine operations based on the amount which investors hold tokens. We own gold mines in the US and profit will be calculated monthly and distributed accordingly with gold bar backed tokens.
The second is that the gain from gold prices increase itself. Investors can hold gold bar backed tokens and sell them when the price of gold is up. This gold bar backed token will be
100% backed by gold bars, pegged to the price of gold and can be liquidated instantly by using our crypto 2 cash solutions. Crypto 2 cash solutions include crypto to ATM, crypto 2 prepaid card, crypto to Bank and crypto to credit cards. Please visit our website for more details.